Newcastle Schools F.A

Welcome to the home of Newcastle Schools FA. On this page, you will find details of all of the officers of our Association.

President: T.Hayes
Vice Presidents: R.P.McMahon, A.Knox, B.Simpson, D.Watson, S.Eardley, J.Egan, B.Hamill, J.Watson
Chairperson: S.Donovan
Vice Chairperson: R.Scherer
Secretary: Ken Hodgson
Treasurer: N.Maughan

Life Members

N.Boyd, R.P.McMahon, T.M.Jones, A G Duffy, M.R.Berry, D.O'Donnell, A.Knox, M.Bell, W.Brown, T.Hayes, B.Hammil, S.Eardley

Administration Commitee

Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer
I.Beck, O.Aiston

Northumberland SFA Executives
D.Slipper, I.Beck, S.Donovan, O.Aiston, K.Hodgson

Association Team Managers

Under 11: M. Christie
Under 12: L. Sterry
Under 13: K.Drinkeld
Under 14: C.Wotherspoon
Under 15: C.Brown

Under 15 Girls: M.Johnson
Under 13 Girls: E.Moran